ATM / Visa Check Card

With a Visa check card, you'll be able to use your card anywhere VISA is accepted while enjoying access to any PLUS ATM worldwide. Your card will be linked to your main savings and checking accounts and with direct deposit you'll be able to enjoy eight (8) free ATM transactions per month.

If you have a Market USA FCU checking account, you can also use your ATM card as a debit card for point-of-sale (POS) transactions at merchants displaying the Interlink® logo.

  • Protecting your credit, debit, and ATM cards
  • If you plan to use your cards for on-line purchases verify that the website uses a secure encryption system (an encryption system ensures that your information cannot be obtained by an outside person).
  • It is best to keep a list of your credit, debit and ATM card numbers and their corresponding emergency telephone numbers in a safe place such as a lock box or a safe deposit box. This will be helpful if you should ever need to report a lost or stolen card. When not carrying your cards with you be sure to keep them in a designated secure location.
  • Be mindful when using your cards for purchases at local vendors that your card is not in direct view of another customer's phone. Camera phones may easily capture your card number and expiration date without your knowledge.
  • Keep all documents containing your account information in a secure location. Be sure to use a paper shredder when it is time discard such documents.

World Wide Acceptance

Protected by Visa's Zero Liability policy

24 hour fraud monitoring

Access to 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide

Travel Tips

When traveling out of state or overseas, notify us in advance of the destinations and dates you'll be traveling to prevent possible interruption of ATM or debit card access. Include hotel phone numbers and alternate contact numbers that can be used to locate you if necessary. Make a record of your Visa Debit card account and compile a list of important numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards and keep it in a safe place away from your wallet or handbag. Be sure to include our Member Service Center and our after hours card member security numbers.