Checking Accounts for Minors

Learning to manage a checking account paves the way for other good financial habits. Members under the age of eighteen may open a minor checking account with their parent or guardian as a joint owner. In addition to being a joint owner, the parent or guardian must complete guarantee forms (which can be found under the Product Links heading on this page) where they agree to be responsible for the account. These forms must be notarized or signed in the presence of a Market USA employee.

Any of our Checking Accounts may be opened by a member under age eighteen and their parent or guardian. Remember, all of our checking accounts are free with no minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees or per check charges. Along with the minor checking account, minors may also get a Visa Check Card in their name with the parent or guardian agreeing to be responsible for the use of the card. Members under the age of eighteen are not eligible for Privilege Pay, our courtesy pay service.

We suggest that the minor and his/her parent or guardian view the Guidewell Financial Solutions e-Learning Courses together.


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